MT/ATMP/100 - Advanced Theory of Machines and Modern Mechanisms

Course Description

Contents of this course cover the fundamentals of theory of machines and mechanisms assessing the kinematics and dynamics of the mechanisms which are widely used in machinery. Advanced topics in mechanisms as elastic mechanisms, spatial mechanisms are also introduced. The course also covers some important and basic topics in mechanical vibrations and their utilization in machine health monitoring and machine foundation design.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Develop abilities and knowledge of Kinematic analysis of different mechanisms, and the   dynamic analysis of machinery
  • Apply the above knowledge to machinery such as balancing machines
  • Deal with mechanisms using energy and numerical methods, and study spatial mechanisms
  • Analyze vibration problems in mechatronic equipment
  • Apply the vibration diagnostic techniques to explore the faults and to put the correct solution for each
  • Apply the basic vibration concepts for machine foundation design


  • None

Course Contents

  • Kinematics of mechanisms
  • Dynamics of machinery
  • Advanced Topics in Mechanisms
  • Modern Industrial Mechanisms
  • Single and two degree of freedom systems (longitudinal and torsional)
  • Multi-degree of freedom systems
  • Vibration measurements and control
  • Machine monitoring and diagnosis (including spectral analysis)
  • Machine foundation design & Vibration Isolation

Course Hours

  • Lectures:     18  Hours      
  •  Lab:                        6  Hours
  • Self-Study:  20 Hours

Evaluation Criteria

  • Lab Assignments:    30%
  • Exam:                      70%

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