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Serving the Community is a part of the Mission of the Group of Advanced Research in Dynamic Systems at Ain Shams University (ASU-GARDS). The Group provides consultations in fields related to Sound and Vibrations; especially in industrial and environmental noise control. The following list includes the major projects carried out by the Group.

Vibration Monitoring for Ramses II Statue During the Relocation Project, 2006

ASU-GARDS carried out 24/7 Vibration Monitoring on the statue during preparation and Monitoring during transportation. The Group performed dynamic and Operation Modal Analyses of the statue. The transportation process holds two Guinness Records.

Noise Control for Pump Workstations at Rod Elfarag Water Pumping Station, 2007

Rod Elfarag Pumping Station provides potable water to most of the northern part of Cairo. In one bay, there are eight vertical pumps driven by 1750 kW motor each. The Sound Pressure Level (SPL) inside the room is 100 dB(A). Run-up, shut down tests together with Intensity measurements were performed. Motor covers were redesigned decreasing the overall SPL by 10 dB.

Noise Impact Assessment for Abu Dabbab Mine, 2008

A mine is to be operational at Abu Dabbab area not very far from several resorts by the Red Sea. Noise Modeling was carried out for the planned equipment to be installed in the new facility. Background noise measurements were taken. The environmental noise impact of the new facility on neighboring human activities was assessed.

Noise Control for AC Chillers on top of Safeer Hotel in Dokki, 2008

There are five Air Cooling Chillers on top of the Safeer Hotel at Dokki. The Hotel is surrounded by other buildings which suffer from the noise of the cooling units. ASU-GARDS suggested and supervised the implementation of Noise Control measures to reduce the noise in surrounding area.

Measurement of mufflers performance for Caterpillar USA

ASU-GARDS performed measurements for the Transmission Loss for some Caterpillar (CAT) mufflers at ASU SVLab. The measurement technique and procedure was later implemented by CAT at their labs in the US.

Other Projects:

  • Study of Vibration Sources in a Natural Gas Station for Arabia Gas.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for the New Runway at Cairo Airport.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Petrochemical Plants at El-Ain El-Sokhna.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Petrochemical Plants at Edku.
  • Vibration Measurements for Alnassagoon Alsharkeyoon.
  • Determination of Noise Monitoring Stations around Hurghada Airport.
  • Measuring the Sound Power Generated by Fan Coil Units for CCC Contractors.

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