The Virtual Reality Laboratory at Ain Shams University has been established though a European Union Grant (JEP - 34012-2006) within the TEMPUS Project. This laboratory is the first of its kind to be established in an educational and research facility in Egypt. The laboratory has the mission of introducing virtual reality technology in the education of several experimentally-intensive courses in mechanical engineering in order to improve the conceptual understanding of the different phenomena. Establishing the courses and the laboratory has been carried out by a consortium which includes:

The shared objectives for this consortium were:

  • Establishing a VR lab at ASU helping students to conduct complex experimental work in the virtual environment.
  • Introducing VR technology to Egyptian academics and industry.
  • Increase the collaboration between Egyptian and European universities.
  • Cooperate with the domestic and regional industries in the development of new products, parts, prototypes ... etc.

The mission of the VRLab at this stage includes:

  • Improving and updating the courses at ASU serving those fields for undergraduate students.
  • Enhancing the knowledge and new technologies needed for a skilled engineer.
  • Introducing the new teaching methodologies aiming at elaborating more interaction between teachers and students.
  • Creating virtual experiments in several fields.
  • Training the current teachers and university staff on the new technology, methodology and equipment.
  • Offering training for engineers in industry.

Work StudyWork Study

Car MechanismCar Mechanism

Human Body
Human Body

Pumb AssemblyPumb Assembly


Bus SimulatorBus Simulator




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