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International E-based Diploma and Professional Certificates in Special Education and Inclusion (SP-EDU)Self enrolmentInformation
Blended Vocational-Engineering-Industry Shared Learning Environment for Stream of Socially- and Technically-Competent Technicians and Engineers (VET-ENG)Self enrolmentInformation
Education and Capacity Building in Museum Studies (EduMUST)Information
Integrating Blended Entrepreneurial and Manufacturing Technology Competency into Socioeconomic Development in Egypt (BEMT)Self enrolmentInformation
International Diploma for School Teachers in STEM Education (eSTEM)Self enrolmentInformation
IT-Based International Diploma and Professional Certificate in Clinical Toxicology (ITCT)Self enrolmentInformation
Tempus - New Curricula in Sound and Vibration Control (SvibCon)Information
Tempus - Using Virtual Reality in Engineering Education (VRLab) Information
Academic-Industry Partnership towards Development of Trainers and EducatorsSelf enrolmentInformation
Tempus - Masters of Engineering in Sound and Vibration (MSV) Self enrolmentInformation
Tempus - Advanced Engineering Systems: Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry (AES)Self enrolmentInformation
Tempus - e-Laboratories for Physics and Engineering Education (eLab)Self enrolmentInformation
e-Laboratories for Chemistry Education (eLab-Chem)Self enrolmentInformation
Tempus - Clean Energy and Research in Environmental Studies (CERES)Information
Tempus - Using Virtual Reality in Cultural Heritage EducationSelf enrolmentInformation
FP6 - Aircraft External Noise Research Network and Coordination (X3-Noise)Information
FP7 - Aircraft Noise Research Network and coordination (X-Noise EV)Self enrolmentInformation
FP7 – OPtimisation for low Environmental Noise impact AIRcraft (OPENAIR) Information
FP7 ITN - Silent Air Flows in Transport, Building and Power Generation Self enrolmentInformation
RDI - Acoustic Response Analysis of Oil & Gas Pipeline Networks to Prevent their Fatigue and Failure Information

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