RDI - SIDLAB Oil & Gas

In this project, we propose to address the problem of the adequate design of oil and gas pipeline networks. We would like to develop an interactive simulation program for dynamic response analysis of fluid flow under steady state pulsating flow conditions in piping networks. It will be based on one-dimensional plane wave theory, and employs an efficient transfer matrix approach.

The project partners have earlier cooperated in the development of a software for the analysis of generation and propagation of low frequency sound in ducts. This software is called SIDLAB (www.sidlab.se) SIDLAB is a combination of software solutions for the analysis of sound propagation inside duct networks. It compiles a long experience and knowledge of using similar codes for all types of duct acoustic applications in research, teaching and consulting.

The SIDLAB algorithm is very general and can be used to model one-dimensional sound propagation in any duct network. Nevertheless, the current version of SIDLAB is dedicated to the automotive applications, specifically the design of exhaust systems for internal combustion engine.

The main objective of this project is to develop a new SIDLAB module, called SIDLAB Oil&Gas, that can be used to optimally design the pipeline networks in the Oil & Gas Industry. It will be able to predict pressure pulsation levels and acoustic shaking forces, as well as solving performance problems caused by reciprocating equipment or flow generated sources in piping and pipeline systems, and in compressor, pump, control valve, and meter stations.

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