The FlowAirS ITN aims to bring together early career researchers and experienced colleagues from across Europe, covering six key R&D areas for achieving silent flows (see Fig 1): 
Rotating Machines (WP1)
Flow Induced Pulsation (WP2)
Innovative Noise Control (WP3)
LES, Numerical aeroacoustics (WP4)
Acoustic Propagation and Radiation (WP5)
Source and System Identification (WP6) 
For tackling the silent flow challenge, R&D progress is not only required within these individual disciplines, as also the interdisciplinary connections must be strengthened. The FlowAirS R&D scope has been defined in view of achieving this (see Fig. 1), and the aim is to do so from a broad range of professional backgrounds. 
The focus of FlowAirS is to motivate and encourage early stage researchers for scientific work in the new interdisciplinary fields between the 6 key research areas. The project consortium provides high level education, training facilities & technical supervision for PhD fellows in the disciplines of Fluid Dynamics, Structural Dynamics, Numerical Acoustics and in the connections. The target of FlowAirs is to support and to train fellows in their phase of doctoral thesis in advanced research methodology. The support is provided to find relevant and innovative PhD topics. In addition, the possibility to receive specific education as well as theoretical and practical training in one or two of the mentioned interdisciplinary fields to the fellows (see Fig. 2), in order to encourage scientific work in this area and to enable top level PhD research.
The new interdisciplinary research areas, positioned between the established (conventional) Areas of Fluid Dynamics, Structural Dynamics and Numerical Acoustics comprises all actually known challenges of the three mentioned disciplines added through topics of the new interdisciplinary connecting areas. The noise generated by air flows is seen as an important and pressing environmental issue, in particular in working areas. 


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