A shared learning environment for vocational and engineering students is developed, in which project-based learning methodology is implemented targeting both students’ groups in final two years of their academic track. The developed education methodology is expected to yield a new line of industry human capital (engineers and technicians), who are technically and socially competent for professional and skilled teamwork at industry, where industry-inspired project-based learning is implemented in engineering and vocational curricula engaging both in integrated teams developing a mutual product. Although partners in industry development, a significant social segregation exists among engineering and vocational man power in industry in EG. This is accompanied with lack of practical expertise, true industry exposure and lack of appreciation of the role of each group. Since the academic development stage is most appropriate to shape students’ perspective and understanding, academic courses during the last two years of engineering and vocational school are modified such that practical projects/products are introduced to different student groups comprising members from engineering and vocational schools, which map the academic learning outcomes of the courses offered in both disciplines. This shall cover Mechanical, Manufacturing, Electrical and Mechatronics tracks. A total of 28 projects mapping the ILOs for 28 Engineering and 29 vocational courses shall be designed for VET-ENG student teams to develop together at vocational-engineering schools and at industry premises. Personal skills, social and work ethics courses shall be developed and offered to the VET-ENG teams to enhance their professional interactivity and respect. VET-ENG groups shall develop one project each, for each of the targeted 4 semesters, which map the ILOs for the practical content of the engineering and vocational courses in this semester, while building on competencies acquired during previous years.

In the current project, a new learning methodology for vocational AND engineering students is introduced, which integrates teams from both disciplines to work together in project-based learning environment, while developing interactivity and social skills along with practical competencies throughout the projects being mutually developed. These projects shall map the ILOs of targeted courses of both disciplines and shall be acknowledged within the formal curricula for both VET-ENG disciplines.

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