Wind energy has recently gained enormous attention as a potential replacement of traditional resources. Tremendous efforts are being applied to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of wind turbine. Turbines with rotor sizes up to 124m producing 6MW each are commercially available.

However, serious technical limitations still exist, such as the manufacturability, durability of the turbine blades (the most expensive and vulnerable element of the wind turbine), maintainability and noise radiation. Manufacturing processes are very expensive and sophisticated. Fatigue induced stresses stimulated by flutter instabilities are challenging the durability of the turbine blades. Operation and Maintenance costs for the wind turbine blades exceed the blade capital cost over the expected turbine life.

Hence it is the objective of the current project to develop a new blade design that should minimize the complexity of the manufacturing process, prevents onset of flutter, reduce maintenance, transportation cost and noise radiated.

The funding targeted in the current project is aimed for modeling, prototypes manufacturing and verification tests. A multi-disciplinary team in the fields of aero- and structure dynamics, manufacturing, machine design, acoustics and fluid mechanics is targeting the different aspects of the project. Upon completion, it is expected that the new design would allow for constructing MegaWatt turbines locally using affordable technology. In addition it shall provide Egypt with needed know-how on the development of wind turbines, not to mention penetrating the global market with innovative design and competitive performance.


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